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In aerosol filling Xiomara, if we know the need, we find the solution. We fill aerosols for various sectors such as home, party products, automobile, cosmetics.

Our mission is filling aerosols with optimum cost-value relationship. We work according International Standards Standardized. Moreover, we have ISO 9001 since 2009 (quality) and ISO 14001 since 2014 (environment) certifications.

Due to our international work we follow procedures proposed by C – TPAT and the FDA.

Xiomara, filling aerosols since 1976.

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What impact does heat have on aerosol filling?

Risks multiply in summer when using aerosols since the sun and the rise in temperatures cause an increase in the containers’ pressure and, as a result, entails a burst risk. Therefore, it is necessary to entrust your products to a great aerosol filler company for the preparation of your products. In this sense, maximum security is […]

faulty aerosols what to do

How to handle a faulty aerosol

Nowadays, aerosols are very necessary and many businesses need them to extend their product to their customers. Nevertheless, it is important to choose an aerosol filling company which manufactures and fills them correctly. A leak point or operating issue may be really severe to the company for several reasons. To start with, the company will […]

this summer, Xiomara is your aerosol filler company

This summer, trust Xiomara as your aerosol filler

In summer, there are more dangers when using aerosols as a result of the sun and the rise in temperature, which raises the risk of explosion as the pressure increases. Therefore, trust the best aerosol filler company in the preparation of your products. Maximum security is achieved during the complete conservation process. For a better […]

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How to know if your aerosol filler complies with the applicable regulations

Quality plays an important role in the success or failure of a product. Regarding aerosol filling, the quality system must be capable of delivering a product that complies with the applicable regulations in order to achieve a higher and secure performance. Therefore, it is necessary to establish requirements and written regulations. Quality is a decisive […]


ECHA/PR/17/07 Key information on around 15 000 chemicals can now be downloaded and used. Researchers, regulatory authorities and businesses can use it – not least to improve the safe use of chemicals, enable innovation and help avoid the unnecessary testing of chemicals on animals. Helsinki, 23 March 2017 – ECHA publishes information on around 15 000 […]