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Xiomara is a well-known aerosol filler in Spain. We have 40 years of history and are a European aerosol packagers committed to continuous improvement and sustainability. We have 40 years of history and are a European aerosol packagers committed to continuous improvement and sustainability. We are members of the Spanish Association of Aerosols ( AEDA ) as part of its board.

We seek a full adaptation to the requirements of our customers, understanding their requirements and adjusting our costs in the most intense way possible to be competitive in price.

In Xiomara, if we know the need, we find the solution.

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How to handle aerosol products?

We all know, have seen or used at some point an aerosol. However, we may ask ourselves… what is made of? Which is the origin? How is the aerosol filling process performed? Since the Norwegian Erik Rotheim discovered in 1927 the effect that this pressurized gas mixture caused in a sealed container through a valve, […]


Aerosol filling for top quality cosmetic products

Aerosols in Spain are very present in cosmetics, among other products, due to their potential compressed design in the filler and the excellent comfort of commercialisation. Definitely, aerosol filling is one of the methods that guarantees the quality and functionality of a product, as described below. Furthermore, in renowned companies and professionals, there are R&D […]

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15 products that can only be used with aerosol filling

Aerosol filling constitutes a development or a mode of releasing liquid substances. These substances are mixed with a high-pressure propellant gas in a metallic or glass container which is also sealed. The container sealing is provided with an output system through a valve with a cannula or an immersion tube.


Aerosol filling: 5 facts to know if your product needs it

Aerosol filling represents a very popular method to present all kind of products. This option is not frequently casual, due to a comprehensive study that ensures an effective use for the customer. The wide diversity of utilities obtained by this formula constitutes an added value in many business areas. Home products, cosmetics, hardware and technical products, food products and leisure activities can benefit their […]

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For which food products should you choose aerosol filling?

The use of aerosols in products of our daily life is becoming more popular and more common, due to the convenience offered. Among which, products from the food industry stand out because it makes everybody’s life easier due to hygiene and to the great ability of preservation. But which products are we referring to? Do […]

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Why aerosol filling is the ideal option for gelatine glaze

Aerosol filling is becoming more popular due to the high profits produced. When we go to a store, we may find thousands of products filled this way. We may find air fresheners and home cleaning products, pioneers in the utilisation of these resources, since the container retains the chemical products in a safe and effective […]

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Which is the best aerosol filler for sun protection?

Aerosol filling in Spain is often used for many packed products. The main reason for this is the saving that the use of this container implies, due to the controlled distribution of the liquid product that is sprayed and spread in a very controlled manner, spending just the necessary amount. Therefore, this method is one […]

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Advantages of aerosol filling for de-icer

The cold and the frost may become a huge annoyance, even if you consider yourself a bad weather lover. One of the main issues that this can cause you is when you park your car in the street. You are aware that unless you are very quick to take the car again, it is likely […]