faulty aerosols what to do

How to handle a faulty aerosol

Nowadays, aerosols are very necessary and many businesses need them to extend their product to their customers. Nevertheless, it is important to choose an aerosol filling company which manufactures and fills them correctly. A leak point or operating issue may be really severe to the company for several reasons. To start with, the company will […]

aerosol filler company explains you how aerosol works 1

Do you know how an aerosol works?

Aerosols were discovered as an invention to spray a product enclosed in a container during the Second World War in the war of the Pacific. This container stored liquids or gases with an internal pressure. Nowadays, aerosols are basic objects in our daily lives. It is very usual for us to accept that they contain […]

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Which products suit best if we talk about aerosols?

It is likely that, as a company, you may have a variety of products and you may not know which type of filler suits best. Many questions may get in your way. For instance, which one is more affordable? Which one is safer? Or which one is more demanded? This is an usual situation, due to […]

this summer, Xiomara is your aerosol filler company

This summer, trust Xiomara as your aerosol filler

In summer, there are more dangers when using aerosols as a result of the sun and the rise in temperature, which raises the risk of explosion as the pressure increases. Therefore, trust the best aerosol filler company in the preparation of your products. Maximum security is achieved during the complete conservation process. For a better […]

the perfect aerosol filling

Why is it that aerosols are the best choice for your products?

At Xiomara, we are willing to take a further step helping you out with your aerosol filling needs. Our aim is to end up as authentic partners or even travelling companions of our customers. We ease the developing activities of the product, formulation, manufacturing and solution of all issues such as technical, legal and logistics. […]

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How to know if your aerosol filler complies with the applicable regulations

Quality plays an important role in the success or failure of a product. Regarding aerosol filling, the quality system must be capable of delivering a product that complies with the applicable regulations in order to achieve a higher and secure performance. Therefore, it is necessary to establish requirements and written regulations. Quality is a decisive […]