Filling Services

We adapt to our customer’s needs. We seek a complete adaptation to your requirements in order to always have flexibility in your demands. Besides, our costs are adjusted as intensively as possible to be competitive in price.

At Xiomara, we handle the adaptation of your products to the appropriate aerosol. As an aerosol filler company in Spain, our aim is to fill aerosols with the best value for money. Our 40 years of experience have converted our company in a benchmark in the aerosol industry. Our environmental commitment and our capacity for innovation enable us as the most leading experts in the industry.

Our focus is your recommendations. We want to offer you the most effective and innovative solution. We are always thinking on how to improve your product.

Our aim is to provide you the best experience with our aerosol filler company in Spain. For this reason, we are the leaders in innovation due to the development of three cornerstones: innovative techniques, safety and spray manufacturing with formulas focused on environmental protection.

What kind of aerosols do we fill? All sort of types, from aerosol cleaning products, air fresheners, party products, to cosmetics and personal care or food products. We can surely enhance your product. Stay updated!



Our laboratories perform both third-party products as well as own products and offer solutions in the improvement of these products to our customers. Envasado Xiomara is well-known by the flexibility and agility in the filling of all type of orders and products.



We are experts in handling and presenting the final product, with the aim of offering a comprehensive service. Our company can both manufacture the complete product and receive commodities and guidelines directly from our customers.

Are you looking for top quality aerosol filling?